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When Life Gives You Lemons, Bake Vegan Cookies

Lucky Lemon Bakery was started in Chef Heather’s mother’s kitchen in 2015.  Baking delicious Vegan Cookies and Cupcakes to sell at the Kokomo Farmers Market with her then 2 year old daughter in tow, she had no idea if anyone would even care about Vegan treats.  The response from the community grew and over the years let Heather share her Vegan treats with Kokomo.  She eventually partnered with local business to do pop-up Brunches and Lunches with great success.  When 2020 hit, her realized she needed to be able to sell directly to her customers and partnered with Kokomo Coffee to open her first Brick & Mortar location at 830 E Markland Ave serving another only Vegan Baked Goods but also Vegan Cafe and Lunch items.  Becoming Kokomo, Indiana’s Only Vegan Restaurant.  
September 2022, Heather competed in the Drive Competition against two other small businesses and won a grant to expand Lucky Lemon to a their new location at 3015 S Lafountain St in Kokomo, IN.  Working with local artists, she has created a fun and vibrant space to welcome guests and share her vegan culinary creations.

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